Small wins- SEO titles & description, OTP Login

Small wins are important. Sometimes in the pursuit of building something bigger we often procrastinate the small things that matter and which can make a big impact.

Keeping that in mind, we keep releasing ‘small wins’- features or improvements that matter.

So, here's what's new for this week:

SEO - get discovered!

We added an SEO section in your service store setup. You can now add your own Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions. Having unique titles and descriptions for your service store is significantly better for SEO, and leads to better discovery in search engines.

Go to Dashboard> Service store> Setup and add your SEO meta title and description in the SEO Settings section. Once you put these in place your SEO-optimized store is ready.

OTP Login- your clients will love this

I am sure you did not see it coming. The Product team completely threw us a surprise and we love it.

We released Guest Booking & Client Login couple of months back, which gives you an option to choose how you want your clients to make a booking.

If you are using Guest Booking, you can skip this.

However, if you are using Client Login feature, read on-

Your clients while booking can now use a one-time password (OTP) to login to their account and make a booking. This is an additional option on top of the regular login and password. In some cases, your clients may not remember their password or are too lazy or running out of time to reset it. In that case, they can choose to Login via OTP and make the booking.

Furthermore, if you are on Studio Plan and above, you can enable Client Login.

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With Omnify's new update, you can now update your SEO Titles and Descriptions. We have also added OTP Logins to Client Login flow

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