UX Changes & Some Minor Improvements

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Making Class Pack creation simpler with better Class syncing

We have made changes in the way you can now create Class Packs by making it 2X faster and efficient. With this update, now you can select if it’s an Ongoing or a Fix-Term Class Pack, select which Class you want to map the Class Pack to and boom, all the information is pulled up and filled.

You’ll only have to fill Price and a few additional information. You can even do ahead an edit if you want to personalise them

You can use this feature by just going to Services>Class Packs>Create New. There you will find that it is infinitely easier to set-up new class packs.


classpack ux.gif

We’ve added two new fields to Wordings

Do you want customers to enroll in your classes, or purchase class passes, instead of "booking classes"?

Now you can also do that by changing the Call To Action button from Book to anything that’s more appealing- Reserve, Buy Now and so on.

We have added another new field under Wordings section.  Do you want to call your staff instructors, teachers, gurus, leaders or anything else? You can now personalise the words so that it matches your Business.

Just go to Website>Set-up> Wordings. There right at the bottom you will find the dialogue boxes to customize the wordings for Trainers and Bookings.

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