Introducing pay later – book now, pay later

At the beginning of this year, we promised to make the product work for you and your customers, to help your business grow more. Today, we’re taking a big step forward with our new feature called ‘Pay later’— we’re making the booking process completely effortless by giving you an option to take bookings directly and enabling payment at the venue.

Starting today, your customers can make bookings on your website without paying a dime at the time of booking. This will help your customers Book your services in seconds without having to add credit cards. Their booking will be guaranteed and they will pay you directly at the venue.

However, this is completely optional 👇

If you want your customers to pre-pay, then it’s completely taken care of. If you do not want to enable this feature, you do not have to do anything. By default, only Online payments mode is enabled.

You can enable the Pay Later option from the Payments Gateway tab under the Settings section in the dashboard if you wish to do so. Once a booking is made via Pay Later, their booking is guaranteed.

For all pay later bookings, they will get a ‘Booking confirmed- Payment Pending’ email. Once the payment is made, you can mark the payment as paid.

We’re thrilled to be making the booking experience simple and seamless with pay later. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Introducing Pay Later. Now Businesses can enable this option to take online bookings without payments making it faster and convenient for customers.

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