[Product Update] New Settings Page, Change Sender’s Email & More

Hey everyone,

Happy February! We are already in the second month of the year-- time flies indeed 😊

We have released a few new features and improvements along with some minor bug fixes.

So, here's what's new this month:

New General Settings Pages 🔩

We have cooked up a new Settings page for you. Just go to the Settings > General to check it out. We have pushed some important updates, read below

Changing Sender’s Email for Outbound Emails 📩

You can now change the Name and Email of the Sender’s Email. You will get a verification email from Amazon SES and once you verify that, all your Emails & Invoices will go from your selected Email ID and Name.

This is a Pro feature available on the Advanced Plan & Above.

Reply-to Emails ❤️️

Furthermore, your communication email will be the reply-to email by default. So, when your clients reply to the emails, they will hit your inbox. This is available on all plans

Enhanced Communications w/ new Notification Settings 📨

We have worked on our new communications feature. You will now be able to add your team members to receive notifications for bookings (more notifications will be added very soon). You can also add additional team-members to receive notifications as well. A good example of this use-case could be adding the administrator’s email so that they could also be notified.This is to add more flexibility to the way you want to receive notification emails.

Guest Booking is now a Default Setting ✋

We have made the Guest Booking feature as a default setting. Your clients can now complete bookings without having to create accounts.If you want Client Login feature instead, you can just switch on the feature by going to -

Dashboard > Settings > General > Client Login

For all of our existing customers, this setting will remain the same. If you want to make any changes, you can do it by changing it in the Settings.

Client Login is now available on the Studio plan & above. Existing Settings will not get affected.

More Flexibility on Auto-Pay 💳

We have made our autopay (auto-renew for memberships and class-packs) feature even more flexible. Now you can choose to enable or disable auto-pay from the booking check-out page. Also, if you have enabled it, you can choose to keep it on or off by default, or even make it permanently on.

You can make the changes by going to

Dashboard>Settings> General> Other Settings

These features are available immediately.

Upcoming? ⭐️

-New Wordpress Plugin

-Zapier is finally out of Beta and will be available on the Zapier App Store soon.

-Advanced Team Access Management.

As always, let us know if you have any feedback.


In this Omnify Product update, we have released a new settings page, Sender's Email Change, & flexibility on how Auto-Pay & Guest Bookings will work!


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