Hey folks,

We’ve added a bunch of new features and flexibilities:

  • Launching the first version of the new Appointments.
  • Now you can Enable and Disable proration in Fixed term Class-packs

So here's what's new-

We are excited to launch Appointments 2.0- we’ve added a bunch of new features and flexibilities

At Omnify we have been obsessed to solve all kinds of scheduling needs for our customers, and while we launched appointment scheduling last year, we have had a lot of inputs and requests from our customers to make it more valuable for their business.

Today, we are taking a big step towards enabling our customers who do personal sessions with a better appointment scheduling tool.

So, without further adieu, here is the update on appointments:

Simpler Appointment Creation

The first thing you will notice is when creating or editing an appointment is the brand new User Interface. We have simplified the Appointment creation and editing process by bringing both create appointments and Manage Staff Availability in the same page for easier access and better service management.

Just check out the new design:

Different Availability for Different Services = More Flexible Appointments

We’ve added the NEW flexibility that’ll make it even easier for you to schedule different appointments with different availability. You can use these rules to create multiple services based on the time of the day.

Let us help you take a breather with ‘Buffer.’

With ‘Buffer’ you have the option to add a cool-off time between appointments. This makes it super easy to manage your time as you would be able to add extra time before or after each session.

However, if you do not wish to add buffer, as long as the before and after buffers are set to 0, you can schedule back to back appointments.

Time-Saving Staff Availability Side Panel

We’re also announcing pretty amazing improvements to the staff availability function that you’re going to love.

Once you’ve created the appointment, you’ll be prompted to choose the availability for yourself of the staff member.

This is how you can set up availability:

  1. Set up weekly availability with Intervals* of availability for each day and ability to set different Frequency**
  2. Apply same availability to multiple days of the week with a few clicks.
  3. If you have multiple appointments, we have built a nifty way to Copy Availability of a particular staff from other appointments quickly.
  4. You can also set up Start and End date for Staff availability per service.

Oh, we have also added the same on your Homepage.

Apart from adding a greeting on the home page, we have also added an option for the Staff members to manage their availability across the different appointments with just a few clicks.

And there's even more...this is the first version of the new appointments. We’ll be releasing further improvements and add-ons to the appointments very soon.


Moving on to the second important update,

Now you can Enable & Disable pro-ration in fixed-term Class-packs

We have made an essential update to Fixed-term Class packs. Now you can choose to Enable and Disable Pro-ration of the class packs you've created.

Fixed-term Classpacks are Classpacks which will have an end date. Example: Summer Classes for kids. In this type of Classpacks, you will be able to choose two types of pricing:

  • Fixed Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing

Fixed Pricing: The business owner decides the fixed price for the classpack.

Example: Summer Camp, starts 1st June 2019 and ends 30th June 2019 is priced $400. Even if a client books it in the middle of the camp (let's say on 15th June 2019), they will be paying $400. There is no PRO-RATION involved.


Dynamic Pricing: With Dynamic pricing, you can price the classpack flexibility. You have to enter a price per class as opposed to the price of the class pack.

This means it allows you the option of PRO-RATION. In this case, a client will only pay for the number of classes that are available.

Example: Summer Camp, starts 1st June 2019 and ends 30th June 2019 and has four classes. And the price per class is $100. In this case, if a client books while all four classes are available, they will be paying $400. Otherwise, if they book in the middle of the camp while say, only two classes are available, they will be charged $200 (and not $400).

This provides your clients with the flexibility to pay only for what services are available for them to book along with the classpack depending on when they purchase the classpack.

Austin Palado says,

"Omnify's clear and straightforward interface enables businesses to present their services more clearly, which results in more bookings. Customers also commended the program’s customizability that adjusts to their business’ needs."

We're excited to launch these features for you. Let us know your feedback by dropping us a line at hello@getomnify.com.

Looking forward.

Enjoy effortless appointment scheduling with Omnify update. It has multiple availability options, buffer time for real-time availability management.


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